COVID-19 Response

As of July, 2021, the theatre is back open to full seating capacity.  If you are interested in sitting further away from other theatre patrons, please let the box office staff know and every effort possible will be made to accommodate your request.
Because the safety of our audiences, cast, and crew are of utmost importance, we are asking that all theatre-goers, cast members, crew, and theatre personnel be vaccinated against Covid-19.  If anyone has not been fully vaccinated for any reason, we are asking that masks be worn while moving about in the theatre building, and that social distance is maintained to the extent possible,
Theatre staff are continuing to ensure that all main surfaces are wiped down between performances.
As changes in COVID-19 protocols unfold, the TCT board will be following them, and will adjust plans for tickets, social distancing, and health and safety guidelines accordingly.

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